Memophenol™ is an innovative solution created for memory supplements.
It combines the synergistic activities of French grape (Vitis vinifera) and wild blueberry (Vacciunium angustifolium) extracts.

Memophenol™ has been demonstrated to:

Promote learning

Support working memory

Improve long-term memory

What makes Memophenol™ special?

In the past decade, several large-scale epidemiological studies underlined that people consuming high content of flavonoids showed less cognitive decline than people having a low flavonoid intake, either in Europe, North-America and Japan.

All flavonoids are not equivalent: the smaller, the better. Only bioavailable flavonoids, including specific catechins (monomers of flavanols), flavonols and anthocyanins, have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on cognitive function, at contrary to less-bioavailable flavonoids, such as polymers and tannins.

Inspired by these epidemiological studies, Activ’Inside promoted the creation of an international collaborative program bringing together memory and nutrition sciences: the Neurophenols® Consortium. Based on a pharmaceutical approach, four years of research have substantiated the high bioavailability, the strong mechanism of action and the cognitive effects of Memophenol.

about Memophenol

How does it works?

The memory function

When we receive information, they are first stored in the short-term memory, also called working memory. Thanks to learning, they can be saved in the long-term memory. The hippocampus, key-region of the brain involved in learning and retrieval of memory, worsens with age and leads to cognitive impairments.

memory function

Did you know?

Neurophenols® Consortium includes 10 industrial and academic partenaires such as NutriNeuro (University of Bordeaux/INRA, France), Laval University (Canada), INRS (Canada) and Oniris (France).

Neurophenols® website

Memophenol™ has shown to have:

Synergistic action

Bioavailable ingredients

Complete action

Pre-clinical results

A patent-pending synergistic solution

A patent-pending synergistic solutionFour blueberry active compounds, (quercetin glucuronide, chlorogenic acid, petunidin-3-glucoside and malvidin-3-glucoside) have shown, when administered in mice at the same dosage, to be on average three to six times more absorbed when combined with grape monomers of flavanols.

A bioavailable solution

More than 30 Memophenol phenolic metabolites have been identified and quantified in animal plasma. Some of them, including catechin and ferulic acid, were measured in mice brain, hence demonstrating a high bioavaibility.

A complete mechanism of action on brain

Memophenol metabolites cross the blood brain barrier to reach their target organ: the brain. In there, they act on the four main parameters involved in the normal functioning of learning and memory:
A complete mechanism of action on brain


  • Brain plasticity: Memophenol increases markers involved in neuronal signalization
  • Neurogenesis: Memophenol improves the maturation of new-born neurons and preserves brain cells from death
  • Microcirculation: Memophenol polyphenols enhance vasodilation of micro-vessels for a better transportation of oxygen and nutrients to brain
  • Oxidative balance: Memophenol downregulates the oxidative stress involved in bran aging.

Memophenol improves spatial learning and memory, in mice

Graph spatial learning

In the Morris water maze test, mice fed with Memophenol improve their spatial learning and memory at any age, compared to mice without Memophenol. The improvement reached 20% in aged mice group.
Memophenol restores aged mice abilities to the adult mice level.

Bensalem et al., 2016

Memophenol improves learning, working memory and long-term memory.

Clinical results

Memophenol™ has been evaluated on more than 200 people during 6 months in a
bicenter, randomized, double-bind and placebo-controlled clinical study.

215 subjects, Aged 60 to 70

300 mg twice daily

6 months

CANTAB: a test battery from Cambridge cognition

Cognitive validated tests from Cambridge Cognition have been used to assess learning and memory performances at the beginning and at the end of the clinical study.

This test battery has been also used to assess the effects of docosahexaenoic acid on cognition.

Cantab test pal


Less memory loss with Memophenol™

60 more words recalled

During the VRM test, people supplemented with Memophenol™ forgot 2.5 times less words than people without supplementation.  This represents an improvement of 60% with Memophenol™.

Memophenol™ improves long-term memory by 50%

Compared to the beginning, Memophenol™ cohort made 50% less errors in the PAL test at the end of the study.

50% less errors

Memophenol™ reverses up to 10 years of cognitive age

10 years cognitive age

Like a growth curve, PAL normative data commonly observed in the population were reported to build a curve of memory performances as a function of age.
After 6 months of supplementation, Memophenol™ yielded to a mean PAL score corresponding to cognitive age of 60 to 70 years whereas placebo kept a mean score corresponding to people between 70 and 80 years old.

Memophenol™ allows similar memory performances of 10 year younger people.

Memophenol is the only product your memory will really remember.


Two awards recognize true innovation, cutting edge research and strong scientific background
supporting the effectiveness of Memophenol™



winner nutra ingredients awards 2017

Memophenol™ has been rewarded as the Ingredient of the year, in the Healthy Ageing category, at NutraIngredients Awards 2017.

Memophenol™ has been rewarded as the best Pharmaceutical Product in the 2016 French Innovation Corner contest.

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