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NeurophenolTM project

NeurophenolTM project

How it started ?

3 engineers pulled together their complementary skills in plant extraction to found their company called Activ’Inside in 2009. They initiated and led the research project at the origin of their start-up: the research consortium NeurophenolTM to answer to several scientific problematics:

  • Which essential polyphenols to support cognitive health ?

  • Which are the best polyphenol sources ?

  • How do they act on our body ?

This 4-year research program allowed developing a polyphenols-rich formula to improve cognitive function for a population sensitive to the use of natural and preventive solutions.

A five-phase project

The NeurophenolTM research project allowed:

To date, Memophenol™ is patented and backed by 7 proprietary scientific publications.

The NeurophenolTM research project allowed to develop and boost Activ’Inside activity, and thus constitutes the founding element of the company.

But the adventure doesn’t there:
Memophenol™’s story continues even after Neurophenol™ research project !

Conducted by the INSERM (Institut National de la Santé et la Recherche Médicale), Activ’Inside and Harvard, a new proprietary epidemiological study highlighted beneficial effects of essential polyphenols like flavonoids, to prevent cognitive decline. Including 1359 healthy subjects aged from 65 and older during 12 years, the study shows that a higher polyphenol consumption reduces the risk of having severe cognitive decline by 50%.

Memophenol™ was also successfully tested on students.
Discover the results.

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